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[Unit 34] 생일 파티

Study/영어 2010.04.08 17:32 by Shinnara
EBS English 의 "영어회화 Situation 130"의 Unit 34 인 생일파티에 관련된 방송이었습니다. 그동안은 VOD를 순서대로 보고 있었는데, 오늘은 아침에 생방송으로 보았네요.(인터넷방송^^). 각 방송마다 주제가 다르기때문에 올리는 순서가 크게 관련없을 것 같아 먼저 올려봅니다.


A:Tell me about some birthday traditions in Korea.
B: We have a soup called "mi-yeok-guk". We always have "mi-yeok-guk" on our birthdays.
A: A special soup for birthdays? That's interesting. What else?
B: Koreans don't open presents in front of others. Westerners open gifts as soon as they receive them, don't they?
A: Yes, that's what we typically do.
B: Here's another interesting custom. If friends go out for a birthday party, the birthday person pays for everything.
A: Aren't friends supposed to treat the birthday person?
B: Not in Korea. Suprise birthday parties are not that common at all either.
A: Wow. I didn't know that. Birthday traditions are quite different, aren't they?

[추가 연습]
생일인 사람을 the birthday person 이라고 하면 됩니다. 어린 경우 person 대신에 boy 나 girl을 붙여도 되구요.

Who was the birthday person?
누구 생일이었어?

The birthday person blows out the candles on the cake.
생일인 사람이 케익위의 촛불을 불어서 끈다.

Blow out the candles. Oh, and don't forget to make a wish.
어서 촛불을 꺼, 소원 비는 거 잊지말고.

The birthday person makes a wish.
생일인 사람은 소원을 빈다.

People give flower bouguets to the birthday person.
생일인 사람에게 꽃다발을 준다.

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